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The fee for the temporary importation of  vehicle  (beyond the "free" zone is now $50.00 US for up to six months.  The fee is the same whether the permit is obtained from a Consulate, online, or in person.

A Deposit must be paid for the vehicle of up to $400.00 US by cash or credit car

NOTE: REFUND OF THIS DEPOSIT IS MADE WHEN THE TEMPORARY TOURIST PERMIT IS RETURNED OR CANCELLED (prior to expiration date of permit). If the permit is not returned prior to expiration of the permit, the deposit will be forfeited. Denial of future entry into Mexico is also possible

Mexico has the ability to verify if the vehicle is legal in the USA or Canada via the VIN#.  The permit can be denied if the VIN# is rejected

We recommend that you obtain the Tourist Auto Permit online at least 10 to 15 days prior to your trip to avoid lost time at the Border Crossing. Call us for the links to obtain your permit.


1. Original Tile or Original Registration

Owner is considered to be the Name or Names on the title. Permits can be denied to others

2. Regular Credit Card for Vehicle Permit

Check Cards/Prepaid Cards might not be accepted. Card name must match auto title. Charge is @50.00. Cash not accepted for this permit.  NO BORROWED AUTOS OR CREDIT CARDS

3. Original Proof of Citizenship

Valid Passport

4. Valid Drivers License.

must be picture ID

5. Individual Tourist Permit

current fee is @50.00 payable in US dollars or Pesos

6. Letter of Permission

required if vehicle is financed, a rental, lease auto, company owned, church group on other non profits. Should be notarized if possible and on proper Letterhead

NOTE: Vehicle permits must be returned to any ADUANA/TOURIST OFFICE at any Border Crossing prior to the expiration of the permit. Failure to do so on a timely basis can result in heavy fines and or denial into Mexico in the future